Heralding from the Desk of Legal Eagles at Total Care Websites: Fair Usage Policy

Last updated date: 05/03/2023

Policies: Terms of Service, Fair Usage, Privacy, Cancellation, CCPA


At Total Care Websites, our mission is as simple as brewing your morning coffee. We bring the power of quality website building and hosting services to the palms of small businesses. We throw in some unlimited treats like pages, storage, bandwidth, products, sales, and website updates, too! But just like the laws of physics, we need some rules in this digital universe to maintain balance, ensuring every customer gets a fantastic experience. Hence, this Fair Usage Policy!

The Theatre of Action

All our beloved customers using Total Care Websites' services are subject to this Fair Usage Policy. By stepping into our virtual dojo, you're tacitly agreeing to play by these rules. We also hold the right to tweak this policy as we deem fit, much like a wizard tweaking his spells. It's your task, as the daring adventurer (or just a regular customer), to stay abreast of these changes.

The Rules of Engagement

We're all about the 'unlimited', but in the spirit of fairness, we ask our customers to use our services responsibly and with reasonable expectations. Most of you will find these policies as troublesome as a feather on a windy day. But we've got to lay them out for the sake of maintaining the quality and performance of our services for all.

Breaching the Code

Total Care Websites, a star division of Elegant Software Solutions., has the supreme power to judge if you've crossed the lines of this Fair Usage Policy. A few examples of violations could be:

  1. Using so many resources (think storage, bandwidth, or processing power) that our servers start crying for mercy.
  2. Hosting a behemoth of a website that's outgrown the small business tag and demands a meatier hosting solution.
  3. Repetitive demands for updates or support that are unreasonable, like demanding a rainbow without any rain.

A Softer Law Hammer

Should we find a customer violating our Fair Usage Policy, we'll respond faster than a caffeinated squirrel. This could mean:

  1. Ring-a-ding-ding! We'll get in touch with the customer to suggest alternate hosting solutions that could better cater to their needs.
  2. Putting some temporary restrictions on the customer's account, such as a limit on updates or resources, until we figure out a more suitable solution.
  3. In the worst-case scenario, we might have to suspend or terminate the customer's account if they consistently violate our Fair Usage Policy or turn a blind eye to resolving the issue.

Our Sacred Oath

Total Care Websites is all about harmony. If a customer does slip up and violate our Fair Usage Policy, we will work tirelessly to find a solution that complements their growth and website requirements. By working together, we can create an online utopia, where fair and sustainable hosting is the norm for all our customers.