Basics of Website Development - A Guide for Small Businesses



Most businesses need to maintain some kind of online presence to share their services and allow potential customers to view their business offerings.

Website development might seem daunting for those unfamiliar with its concepts and technicalities. However, most businesses need to maintain some kind of online presence to share their services and allow potential customers to view their business offerings. 

There are some basic concepts of website development that small business owners should use, and if it all seems a bit overwhelming, managed website services can design and manage a professional-looking website on your behalf. 

Understanding Website Development

What is Website Development?

Website development is the process of creating and maintaining a business website. For those with a small business, it involves a mix of technical expertise and design to craft a functional and engaging online platform.

The Importance of an Online Presence

A business website is not just an advertisement for your business, it is a digital storefront, offering a way for potential customers to explore your products, view services, and become aware of your brand. A well-crafted website not only attracts visitors but is also effective at converting them into loyal customers.

Components of Website Development

Domain and Hosting

A domain name is the unique web address and an identifier for your site (e.g., Hosting simply means renting space on a server to give your site a home and store files, making the site accessible on the internet. Managed website services usually provide done-for-you domain registration and hosting as part of their offerings to simplify the process

Design and User Experience (UX/UI)

Website design focuses on the layout, visuals, and overall aesthetics of the site. UX/UI is concerned with creating a fluid and intuitive user experience. These elements determine how users interact with the site, for business users this is important for driving engagement and conversions.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

CMS is the place where your site is built and managed. Platforms like WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace make an easy-to-access self-managed website, allowing users to update their own content, add pages, and manage their site without extensive technical knowledge.

Benefits of Managed Website Services for Small Businesses

If self-design sounds a bit too overwhelming, then managing website services can guide businesses and provide professional design services and advice for small users. There are also a number of other advantages - 

Professional Expertise

Managed website services provide access to a team of skilled professionals, including designers and developers, who specialize in creating and maintaining websites across multiple industries and sectors.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing website management saves time and resources, allowing small business owners to hand off design task and focus on running their business while experts handle the technical aspects of their online presence.

Customization and Scalability

Managed services offer solutions tailored to specific business needs. They also ensure built-in scalability, allowing websites to grow alongside the business as it expands.

Security and Maintenance

Websites require certain security measures like updates and regular maintenance, to ensure they remain safe and functional. It is also necessary to minimize the risks of cyber threats and data breaches.

Choosing a Managed Website Services Provider

When selecting a managed website services provider, small business users should consider a few things before making a final selection.

  • Portfolio and Experience

Review their portfolio and past projects to gauge their expertise and suitability for your business.

  • Services Offered

Ensure they offer comprehensive services that align with your requirements, including design, development, maintenance, and support.

  • Customer Support

Assess their customer support and responsiveness to ensure timely assistance when needed.

  • Pricing and Packages

Compare pricing structures and packages to find a provider offering value for your investment.

Understanding the basics of website development is crucial for small businesses seeking a robust online presence. Managed website services offer a convenient and effective solution for navigating the complexities of website creation and maintenance, empowering businesses to thrive.